First edition on 

Crowd Computing & Human-Centered AI

The Academic Fringe Festival is an exciting concoction of invited talks and panel discussions around important themes of research and innovation in Computer Science. This first edition is on "Crowd Computing and Human-Centered AI". The series features prominent researchers and practitioners, whose work has made fundamental contributions in these fields. 

The unprecedented rise in the adoption of artificial intelligence techniques in many contexts is concomitant with shortcomings of such technology with respect to robustness, interpretability, usability, and trustworthiness. Crowd computing offers a viable means to engage a large number of human participants in data related tasks and in user studies. In the context of overcoming the computational and interactional challenges facing the current generation of AI systems, recent work has shown how crowd computing can be leveraged to either debug noisy training data in machine learning systems, understand which machine learning models are more congruent to human understanding in particular tasks, or to advance our understanding of how AI systems can influence human behavior.

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The Speakers

Matthew Lease

Adventures in Crowdsourcing: Toward Safer Content Moderation and Better Supporting Complex Annotation Tasks [more details]

University of Texas at Austin, Amazon Scholar

23 Nov 2020, 4PM CET

Gianluca Demartini

Bias in Human-in-the-loop Artificial Intelligence [more details]

University of Queensland

30 Nov 2020, 9AM CET

Mihaela Vorvoreanu

Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction [more details]


7 Dec 2020, 4PM CET

Shamsi Iqbal

Redefining Productivity to Adapt to a Changing Landscape of Work [more details]


14 Dec 2020, 4PM CET

Panos Ipeirotis

Demand-Aware Career Path Recommendations: A Reinforcement Learning Approach [more details]

New York University

11 Jan 2021, 6PM CET

Michael Bernstein

Computation and Organizations [more details]

Stanford University

18 Jan 2021, 4PM CET

Nithya Sambasivan

HCI for Responsible AI in the Global South [more details]


1 Feb 2021, 4PM CET

Olga Megorskaya

Variety of crowdsourcing implementations: ML and business applications [more details]


15 Feb 2021, 4PM CET

Simo Hosio

Crowdsourcing for Precision Wellbeing [more details]

University of Oulu

15 Feb 2021, 4PM CET

Edith Law

Crowdsourcing Medical Time Series Annotation: Expertise, Ambiguity and Human-AI Collaboration [more details]

University of Waterloo

22 Feb 2021, 4PM CET