Third edition on 

Designing at Scale with Human-AI Collaboration

The Academic Fringe Festival is an exciting concoction of invited talks and panel discussions around important themes of research and innovation in Computer Science. This third edition is on "Designing at Scale with Human-AI Collaboration". The series features prominent researchers and practitioners, whose work has made fundamental contributions in these fields. 

We can harness unprecedented amounts of data using AI, creating opportunities to tackle major societal problems in numerous domains, such as health, well-being, and mobility. To make AI useful, we need to find new ways to combine the creative power of humans with the analytical capabilities of computers. While designing solutions and developing systems for social good, a key challenge lies in finding out how to help designers, experts, and societal stakeholders work together with AI to prepare, realize and evaluate design interventions. How can we reduce design complexity for large-scale social interventions? 

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The Speakers

Ben Shneiderman

Human-Centered AI: Ensuring Human Control, Enhancing Human Performance [more details]

University of Maryland

7 March 2022, 5PM CET

Chenhao Tan

Towards Human-Centered AI: Complementing Humans with AI [more details]

University of Chicago

14 March 2022, 4PM CET

Juho Kim

Designing AI-Powered Interactive Systems: Towards Interaction-Centric AI [more details]

School of Computing at KAIST

28 March 2022, 4PM CEST

Aaron Halfaker

Designing to Learn - Aligning Design Thinking and Data Science to Build Intelligent Tools That Evolve [more details]

Microsoft Research

4 April 2022, 5PM CEST

Nithya Sambasivan

The Myopia of Model Centrism [more details]

11 April 2022, 5PM CEST

Trivik Verma

Designing Equitable Cities at Scale [more details]

Delft University of Technology

25 April 2022, 4PM CET

Tim Kraska

Towards Instance-optimized Data Systems [more details]


2 May 2022, 4PM CET

Vanessa Murdock


16 May 2022, 4PM CET

Mounia Lalmas

Personalization at Spotify: Enriching Life Through Audio [more details]

Head of Tech Research @ Personalization at Spotify

30 May 2022, 4PM CET

Judith Redi

When Automation is Not the Holy Grail: Designing for User-ML Collaboration in Software [more details]

Head of Data Science at Miro

13 June 2022, 4PM CEST