Second edition on 

Responsible Use of Data

The Academic Fringe Festival is an exciting concoction of invited talks and panel discussions around important themes of research and innovation in Computer Science. This second edition is on "Responsible Use of Data". The series features prominent researchers and practitioners, whose work has made fundamental contributions in these fields. 

The adoption of artificial intelligence, data science, data analytics, among other techniques is predominant in many contexts and domains: often used to help us decide which items to buy, what music to listen to, and in high-stakes domains such as education, healthcare provision or criminal justice, among others. The performance of such AI systems depends both on the learning algorithms, as well as the data used for their training and evaluation. The role of the algorithms is well studied. In contrast, research that focuses on the data used in AI systems is not commonplace. Data, however, is always at their core, being a crucial component for advancing and assessing the technological field. 

In the first edition of these seminar series, we explored a number of examples of how crowd computing can be leveraged to either debug noisy training data in machine learning systems, understand which machine learning models are more congruent to human understanding in particular tasks, or to advance our understanding of how AI systems can influence human behavior.

In this second edition on the topic of "Responsible Use of Data", we take a multi-disciplinary view and explore further lessons learned from success stories and examples in which the irresponsible use of data can create and foster inequality and inequity, perpetuate bias and prejudice, or produce unlawful or unethical outcomes. Our aim is to discuss and draw certain guidelines to make the use of data a responsible practice.

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The Speakers

Jahna Otterbacher

It’s about time…and perspective: A critical look at the use of crowdsourcing in building image datasets [more details]

Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency (CyCAT) at the OUC

17th of May, 2021, 4PM CET

Luke Stark

Artificial Intelligence for Whose Social Good? [more details]

University of Western Ontario

31st of May, 2021, 4PM CET

Lora Aroyo

Uncovering Unknown Unknowns in Machine Learning [more details]

Google Research

7th of June, 2021, 4PM CET

Q. Vera Liao

Questioning the AI: Towards Human-Centered Explainable AI (XAI) [more details]

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

14th of June, 2021, 4PM CET

Elena Simperl

Citizen Science: the data view [more details]

King's College London

21st of June, 2021, 4PM CET

Catherine D'Ignazio

Data Feminism: Ethics and Action [more details]

MIT, Data + Feminism Lab

28th of June, 2021, 4PM CET

Solon Barocas

Computer Vision and Conflicting Values: Describing People with Automated Alt Text [more details]

Cornell University, Microsoft

12th of July, 2021, 4PM CET

Alessandro Piscopo

Building public service recommenders: Logbook of a journey  [more details]

BBC, Datalab

19th of July, 2021, 4PM CET

Krishnaram Kenthapadi

 Responsible AI in Industry: Practical Challenges and Lessons Learned [more details]

Amazon AWS AI

26th of July, 2021, 5PM CET

Seda Gürses

Protective Optimization Technologies: a proposal for contestation in the world rather than fairness in the algorithm [more details]

Delft University of Technology

20th of September, 2021, 4PM CET