Michael Bernstein

Stanford University

Date: 18 January 2021

Time: 16:00 (CET)

Title: TBD

Speaker Biography: Michael Bernstein is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and STMicroelectronics Faculty Scholar at Stanford University, where he is a member of the Human-Computer Interaction Group. His research focuses on the design of social computing and crowdsourcing systems. This research has won best paper awards at top conferences in human-computer interaction, including CHI, CSCW, and UIST, and recently a Lasting Impact Award from UIST 2020. Michael has been recognized with an NSF CAREER award and an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship. He holds a bachelor's degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, as well as a master's degree and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT.

Homepage: https://hci.stanford.edu/msb/