Simo Hosio

University of Oulu

Date: 15 February 2021

Time: 16:00 (CET)

Title: Crowdsourcing for Precision Wellbeing

Abstract: Unhealthy diets, harmful sleeping patterns, alcohol abuse, notification overload, and many other contemporary life elements are wreaking havoc on the quality of lives of billions of people. The scientific community largely now also acknowledges that medical interventions that work ubiquitously and under most conditions for many of the planet’s most challenging medical conditions are exceptionally rare. Personalised medicine, as enabled mostly by advanced engineering tools in genomics, is likewise proving to be less perfect than the initial hubris had us all believe. Somewhere between these opposite approaches we can identify the promising field of precision medicine. Precision medicine adopts computational and quantitative methods to model the mechanisms and diagnosis of human disease and seeks to tailor approaches for groups of people instead of population-level or fully individualised treatments. This talk presents some early related results and a vision for what and how crowdsourcing can contribute to precision medicine and wellbeing already in the near future.

Speaker Biography: Simo Hosio is a social computing scientist, with a background rooted in ubiquitous computing and human-computer interaction. He was appointed as an Associate Professor (tenure track) in the GenZ strategic profiling theme of the University of Oulu in 2020. Currently, he focuses on crowd computing and increasingly on co-creation. Through his research, he investigates and develop interactive means for orchestrating the inherent intelligence of large numbers of people, i.e. crowds, for things such as decision or creativity support, and for digital health solutions.


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